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Message From the CEO

Having been a part of DIF for over two decades, I have a clear insight into the things that make us special. To me, it is clear that DIF culture is not just about metrics. Even though we’re managed to exhibit industry-leading performance over the years, what makes us truly unique is our ability to explore collective value for people around the world. We’re not just focused on the now. We peek ahead into the future to understand future challenges and invest in innovative solutions that empower the generation of tomorrow. And our people are the heart and soul of our operations. Driven by the values of integrity, respect, and sustainability, we put in an optimal effort to reflect the trust put in us by our clients.  Our stark focus on sustainability has been enabled by our deep understanding of challenging global conditions. As innovators in the sustainable investing landscape, we believe that it is essential for us to focus on the creation of a better world throughout our partnership. We’re also strong believers in forming private partnerships with key stakeholders across the globe. Thanks to this approach, we’re able to harness a wide range of global resources through integrated collaboration initiatives.  As an investor that has researched hundreds of emerging companies, I deeply believe in the importance of culture throughout our business operations and in everything we do at DIF. We continue to embody our values throughout every step of our operations to ensure that we’re acting responsibly in all our investments.

Amir Shams
Chief Executive Officer

Clients can benefit from our…

Long-term perspective of a partnership structure

Our private ownership model provides stability, allows us to focus on long-term results, aligns our interests with those of our clients, and helps us to recruit and retain outstanding talent.

Singular focus on investment management

Our only business is managing money for our clients, allowing us to concentrate on our goal of exceeding their investment and service expectations.

Empowered investment teams and rigorous proprietary research

We describe our investment model as a “community of boutiques.” Each investment team has freedom of philosophy and process, while benefiting from the resources of a large, global firm.

Open, collaborative culture

We have built our organization to foster healthy debate, diversity of thought, and the free exchange of ideas — conditions we believe are essential for informed investment decision making.


We trace our roots back to 2001, when our founder established one of the first balanced mutual in the UAE. Today, DIF has a significant presence and long-term track record in nearly all sectors of the global securities markets.

Client assets under management:

320$ + Bn

Investment professionals:


Number of clients:


Client locations by country:


Exploring Growth Possibilities for the Future 

DIF is amongst the leading investment funds in the MENA region, with a focus on unlocking a positive future for the region and beyond. We’re asset managers to some of the biggest companies across the globe with a focus on exploring new solutions to challenging global issues. 

Responsible Investments in the UAE

We’re guided by our mandate to push forward sustainable development initiatives.

We are Deeply Committed to Honoring

Across everything we do, our guiding values serve as foundational principles to inspire our growth and show us the way forward.

We apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards of conduct in all our undertakings
We work together effectively with our colleagues and partners by acting with care and consideration to build cohesive relationships. We value diversity and each individual contribution.
We respond in optimal ways to challenges and remain focused on our mission to safeguard the wealth of the State and future generations by creating long-term value in our investments

Committed to A Healthier Planet – Learn About Our Climate Efforts

We’re pioneers in the definition of climate finance goals in the Sovereign Wealth Industry, with a wide range of initiatives to address regional and global environmental challenges across key industrial segments.

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