Supporting Promising Research for Health and Common Good admin 05.01.2022

Supporting Promising Research for Health and Common Good

The last two years proved, that public health service and medical research are one of the pillars of modern society. Supporting projects, that will benefit our communities in the future and make essential resources available for as many people as possible, is one of our core principles. Following that idea, we are happy to announce creating a new fund within DIF. It will be dedicated to supporting promising research projects all over the world – in all countries, where DIF is presented.  

Here is what Terence Morrison, the head of the new fund, has to say: 

“Our main goal will be to find out and support young but promising companies, who have just entered the market or are yet planning this step. Our presence in different countries will help us to recognize new perspectives at early stages and find the most effective ways to support their development. Dubai Investment Fund already has experience with successful projects of similar nature in other areas of industry. For example, our fund for developing environmental-friendly energy sources helped several companies working in this area to go successfully through the early stages of their existence and secure their position on the market. Now we are ready to put this approach into action in another area, namely, in public health and related areas, and I am happy to lead this project”. 

Finding our promising companies and startups is not an easy task. To recognize new trends, approaches, and research areas in their early stages, vast experience and knowledge are needed. Thus, we are creating a team of experts, who will work together on identifying emerging investment courses. Meet the head scientific consultant of the new fund, Muriel McAdams: 

“If you look at scientific publications and pre-prints, you will see new ideas, methods, and approaches emerging every month. The same is with their commercial application: many startups try to implement the new scientific findings into practice, but only a few of them succeed and bring practical benefits. Our job is to identify these few and help them with our funding to go through the early stage of their development, which is usually the most difficult period for any business. This way, DIF will support socially beneficial projects, while providing benefits for its clients”. 

The fund for public health research is just beginning its work. In the coming month, you may expect more news about it, including the announcements of new investment partnerships with innovative companies working in various branches of this sector.