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At DIF, we offer the experience, resources, and scale needed to match the personalized requirements of our investors. With a proven footprint across leading alternative investment classes, our approach is centered around risk management and draws on our expertise based on decades of experience. 

Alternatives are the ideal tool for institutional investors to diversify portfolios, decrease volatility, and enhance income. DIF offers the complete range of alternative investment options to enhance risk-adjusted returns with commodity strategies, overlay strategies, and absolute return strategies

Our alternative investment solutions are designed to provide de-risking alternatives to our partners. DIF specializes in the following investment segments to enhance returns for our clients. 
Real Estate
With a low correlation to other asset classes, real estate offers a viable diversification option to our clients. With characteristically stable income and strong growth potential, real estate investments are a cornerstone of our investment strategies. DIF is a leading real estate investment manager with global connections and a proven record of delivering returns for our partners.
Private Assets
We look beyond conventional public markets and investment options to explore solutions in infrastructure and private equity. Our investment options are centered around enhanced transparency and access to investment opportunities from leading global markets around the world.
Private Credit
Our private credit investments cover an expansive array of debt strategies with variable liquidity options. These options offer a broader investment perspective to credit instruments resulting in attractive returns. We’re one of the leading global institutions with experience in direct lending, distressed credit, and multi-asset credit management. 
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DIF is amongst the leading global investment managers with proven experience across the real estate, commodity, options trading, and merger arbitrage segments. Our alternative investment teams manage some of the biggest infrastructure and alternative investment allocations in the MENA region. Our team has a proven track record in alternative investments stretching back a decade. 

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Alongside DIF’s established investment capabilities, our platform also offers access to a wide range of alternative investment strategies. Explore insight from leading portfolio managers in the private equity, infrastructure, and real estate markets.

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