Applying AI and machine learning to building investment strategies admin 01.04.2022

Applying AI and machine learning to building investment strategies

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is one of the most rapidly developing areas of technology. Every year new AI-based solutions are developed and implemented in many industries, and finances is no exception. Moving ahead with the times, Dubai Investment Fund starts to offer its clients a new investment tool, created of the base of our proven by practice AI solutions. 

Here is what Ryan Smith, Head of Innovative Investments Department, says about these solutions: 

“Internally, we were applying AI-based solutions for several years. We use them to achieve different goals, such as evaluating the current state of the market, predicting important trends or finding out more information to base our decisions upon. Some of these solutions were created specially for DIF, tailored to our investment goals and the current state of the market, with its volatility and fluctuations, that are typical for many sectors. Now we are offer an investment tool, based on these practice-proven technologies, to our clients, to give them an opportunity to take informed decisions about their investment strategy and to have more control over it”. 

Rafael Lencastre, one of our leading investment consultants, add about the role of AI-technology in investment: 

“Many people view AI-based tools with some degree of distrust. The cause is, that they perceive this type of technology as the black box, without understanding its inner mechanisms. Naturally, it is difficult to accept strategy advice, generated by such a tool, especially regarding investment and dealing with a substantial sum of money. Our development team managed to tackle this problem by adding more transparency to AI-based strategy advice. Naturally, this tool cannot replace traditional forms of investment and financial consultancy, but it is a nice addition, especially for the new generation of clients, who want to stay in touch with cutting-edge technology, not only supporting its development, but also using it in their daily practice”. 

Dubai Investment Fund always strives to offer its clients the best experience possible, and this is just one example of this. We are constantly working on implementing new technologies in our work. Our investors are always sure, that they can rely on the stable income, and, moreover, that they are supporting investments that will improve people lives in long-term perspective. 

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