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Exploring DIFs Strategical Asset Allocation Directive
Our asset allocation strategies are formulated by expansive research input and are highly diversified to mitigate acting risks. We invest across a wide range of asset classes, including equity, bonds, currencies, real estate assets, and multi-asset strategies across a wide range of global locations. Our team is made up of industry-leading professionals with proven financial experience across key asset segments.
Variable Liquidity
Our liquidity directives are diverse based on the direction of the industry and the input of our stakeholders. We explore global opportunities on a short and long-term basis with customizable portfolio configuration.
Global Outreach
With an active global presence across key geographical regions, DIF has global outreach backed by our breadth of local human resources and operational expertise. We’re constantly exploring geo-diverse challenges to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.
Data-Driven Insights
Our insights are backed by cutting-edge technological research and data-driven feedback. Our investment framework factors in research from our qualified teams to define security selection and return factors.
DIF’s Investment Philosophy
We strongly believe that we can benefit from our depth of global insight and organizational experience by taking advance of behavioral biases and information imbalances amongst investors. We explore existing gaps around non-alpha-seeking investors and devise comprehensive strategies to exploit existing market gaps. Our tactical asset allocation is centered around diverse performance by combining multiple strategies to enhance risk-adjusted returns.
Incorporating Uncertainty & Embracing Diversity
We implement continuously evolving strategies to cater to the dynamic nature of global markets. Our strategies factor in emerging opportunities along with conventional asset classes to offer a comprehensive outlook towards investment dynamics.

Our core areas of asset allocation include:
  • Global and International Equities – We evaluate existing opportunities in the regional and global equity markets to explore optimal investments for our stakeholders. 
  • Multi Credit Products – Our multi-credit product investments focused on generating consistent returns without exposure to high volatility.
  • Private Equity – We explore private equity investments to diversify portfolios and cater to the unique needs of our stakeholders. 
  • Real Estate Investments – Real estate investments are the cornerstone of DIF’s diversification focus. We have active investments in leading commercial and residential real estate projects around the MENA region and beyond. 
  • Infrastructure Investments – We help our stakeholders explore expansive long-term returns with infrastructure investments in leading global markets. 
Multi-Strategy Investments – Our multi-strategy investments bring together effective elements from different investment classes to present a comprehensive solution.

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