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We work with our clients to provide bespoke investment solutions to address key challenges. Our investment solutions include funds, bespoke investment directives, and ETF depending on our client priorities. Our investment strategies include fixed income, equities, and multi-asset strategies.
DIF provides unparalleled experience along with a proven record of success in devising equity strategies for our clients. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping our partners meet their objectives and address the biggest challenges in the global landscape.
Fixed-income investment management
Our fixed-income investment management strategies are centered around a conservative investment approach to navigate the dynamic nature of the market. We create highly diverse portfolios by bringing together decades of trading experience with advanced risk management strategies and unique portfolio designs.
DIF multi-asset solutions are designed based on client objectives, liabilities, and directives in a collaborative approach by our team of personal portfolio managers. Our primary solutions are aligned on the following principles.
Alternatives are the ideal tool for institutional investors to diversify portfolios, decrease volatility, and enhance income. DIF offers the complete range of alternative investment options to enhance risk-adjusted returns with commodity strategies, overlay strategies, and absolute return strategies
Multi-manager solutions
DIF offers a complete range of multi-manager programs to our partners and institutional clientele. We curate personalized investment programs ranging from niche solutions to comprehensive investment plans for your fund. Our range of solutions is designed to get top-tier results based on your priorities.
Liability-driven investing
We incorporate sophisticated risk management tools such as smart beta and global credit sourcing to mitigate the impacts of interest rate risk, transfer risk, and other acting threats to returns.
Sustainable Investing
For investors that want to center their investment approach around sustainability, we offer a wider range of investment capabilities. Our sustainable investment approach is personalized based on your investing and social goals with expansive screening procedures to screen companies. We connect you with optimal opportunities in companies that company with your personal criteria.
ESG integration
We strongly believe in the integration of ESG factors in our investment framework to explore optimal returns for our clients. The incorporation of these factors allows us to make better investments. The majority of DIF-managed assets are directed in investment strategies that factor in ESG integration.
Emerging markets
Our emerging market strategy is centered around exploring optimal returns for our clients above established benchmarks. We go beyond the extend of conventional investment instruments and offer clients access to a wide range of investable opportunities.

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