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Committed to A Healthier Planet – Road to Sustainable Climate Management
As a fund created with a sustainable development focus, we’re deeply attentive to the challenges currently faced by the planet. DIF is an active partner in leading climate preservation initiatives with comprehensive support from national partners to improve environmental, social, and policy-based frameworks. We’re also actively addressing climate-based threats by comprehensively evaluating our investment policies to screen companies with negative environmental ESGs. We’re pioneers in the definition of climate finance goals in the Sovereign Wealth Industry, with a wide range of initiatives to address regional and global environmental challenges across key industrial segments.
Why is a Sustainable Approach Important?
People-Centric Development 

At DIF, we strongly believe that focusing on people-centric innovation is essential to devise long-lasting solutions. Focusing on a global approach helps us consider a world where more people can prosper.
Climate and Investment Connection

We believe that it is our responsibility to explore viable strategies to mitigate climate change impact on the regional economy and stakeholder investments. From creating new products to managing portfolios, all of our decisions are driven by sustainable growth.
Net Zero Economy 

The current landscape presents a historical opportunity to capitalize on climate-based development. We believe that climate-conscious companies will be rewarded by consumers and financial markets over the long term.

“Focusing on sustainable investments is critical to mitigating climate change impact on critical industry segments. DIF is deeply committed to helping local companies, and stakeholders prepare their portfolios for a transition to a net-zero world with transparent management and consultancy.”

Tom Harry
How We’re Addressing Climate Change at DIF
Response Frameworks 

By studying acting climate risks and developing response frameworks for our stakeholders across the globe.
Exploring Different Answers 

We understand that climate change is an ongoing crisis with emerging solutions. We’re doubling down on uncovering effective answers to the climate change challenge.
Across Our Investments 

We’re supporting companies with responsible approaches towards climate change and net-zero emissions.
Reporting Climate Progress 

We are committed to exploring climate change policies implemented by leaders around the world. Explore more in our annual report.

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