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Harness the Growth Potential in the Global Commodities Markets With DIF
We’re an industry leader in commodity-based investments with a focus on exploring value for our clients across key commodities. We provide maximum price exposure to key assets by investing our portfolio elements into existing contracts. 

Commodity investments expand your portfolio composition by hedging against acting risk. Here’s how: 
  • Diversification tool to mitigate exposure to conventional asset classes. 
  • Hedge against increasing commodity pricing in global markets. 
  • Expanding portfolio allocation into global segments.
Helping Our Partners Establish Yield Commodity Investment Structures

DIF has extensive experience working with pooled and singular investment structures and advising stakeholders across a range of different commodity investment structures. With the personalized requirements of our investors, we devise unique investment strategies for our clients based on their individual requirements and capital directives. DIF offers variable liquidity options in the commodity segment with direct and underlying portfolio options to enhance client flexibility in the market.

Why Commodity Investments?

DIF commodity allocations offer a time-tested investment vehicle for investors to hedge their active portfolios against inflation and explore growth potential across a wide range of different commodities. The investment class offers tangible investment potential with the ability to preserve capital during economic downturns while providing high liquidity.

  • High Liquidity
  • Hedging Portfolios
  • Exploring Global Options
  • Leverage Potential

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