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Defining the Future Conference

DIF announces a new project – an annual conference, that we organize together with several other research and investment companies. Our goal is to create space for professionals coming from different areas, experiences, and cultural backgrounds to share ideas, discuss significant issues, enhance professional knowledge and find new ways for sustainable economic development.  

The first installment of the conference will be held in about a month, and then it will be conducted annually around the same date. The list of topics and sections will wary every year because it is always important for us to follow the actual developments in science, technology, and other areas, that are influencing people’s lives and investment strategies. For this year, our “Defining the Future” program includes: 

  • Panel discussions 
  • The Future of Blockchain Technologies
  • Sustainable Energy Generation 
  • New Challenges of Computer Industry
  • Promising Technologies and Public Health
  • Sessions on different topics, with about 4-5 papers presented at each: 
    • Investment Strategies in a Changing World
    • Responsible Investment
    • New Approaches to Developing Long-Term Strategies. 
  • Networking events and an opportunity for personal engagement and discussions 
  • The talk from our guest speaker, Canadian investment strategist Alfred C. Holt. 

The conference will be held for 5 days in a modern conference center in the central district of Dubai. Adapting to current circumstances, we organize “Defining the Future” in a mixed format, with an option for both online and in-person participation. 

“Among the participants, there are researchers from different areas, developers from various industry branches, and, obviously, our investment professionals. Here is what Ryan Smith, Head of Innovative Investments Department at DIF, says about the project: 

We believe, that creating the space, where professionals can build connections, exchange ideas, and support contact, is an essential part of our work. We offer the participants, both our speakers and the audience, a valuable opportunity, that is not limited to staying up to date with modern issues. Along with acquiring and sharing new knowledge, we aim to create a positive environment for diverse discussions, because, as we all know, a discussion is where new ideas thrive”. 

We view “Defining the Future” not as a one-time event, but as a start of a tradition, that will sustain throughout the years and will bring valuable experience both for speakers and audiences.

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