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Creating Meaningful Impact Through Long-Standing Partnerships – Explore DIF
2021 marked the 21 st year of DIF’s inception as a sustainable investment organization formed to explore maximum impact investments around the world. Originated in the MENA region, the organization has been amongst the leading enterprises in the global investment sector. Our purpose is to explore expansive financial well-being for our partners by our contributions to a sustainable world today and for future generations. As an asset manager focused on unlocking meaningful value for our partners, we continue to push forward with meaningful initiatives meant to create an impact. Our focus is on creating bridges and solving key challenges faced by leading stakeholders in the business, innovation, and development sectors.
We’re Deeply Committed to Pushing Forward…..
Sustainable Investments
We’re amongst the pioneer investment firms to shift away from conventional hydrocarbon-based investments to explore sustainable investment options for our partners around the world. As the world faces challenging climate and sustainability challenges, we’re working towards exploring meaningful solutions.
Financial Progress
We’re focused on exploring financial outcomes that are promising for millions of people around the world. As the world faces challenging scenarios in healthcare, workforce, and retirement, we’re exploring outcomes to elevate financial well-being for our clients.
Innovative Efforts
At DIF, we strongly believe in the power of technology to transform the world around us. We’re constantly working on devising effective solutions to address key challenges around the world and achieve positive value for our partners.
Inclusive Development
DIF is a major contributor towards an inclusive economy that benefits everyone. We’re constantly on the lookout for avenues to support inclusive development for people around the world with financial tools that are designed to increase financial access.

At DIF, we’ve been an industry leader in enhancing access, improving financial connectivity, and fostering innovative development for our stakeholders based on responsible investing initiatives and second performance goals.

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