DIF invests in developing alternative energetics in Europe admin 25.02.2022

DIF invests in developing alternative energetics in Europe

Since its creation, Abu Dhabi Investment Fund was striving to create a multicultural working environment, where professionals from different backgrounds and areas of knowledge can work together on solving problems of public importance, finding reliable investment approaches, and creating new opportunities for developing ADIF itself and its numerous projects. Today we are happy to announce the creation of a new department, that will unite our branches in Europe, focusing on supporting new environmental-friendly energy production solutions.

The main goal of this new department will be to find promising companies and support them with our investment, helping them to become profitable and to bring new value to the market.

Here is what the head of the new department, Kristin Sundberg, has to say about the goals and challenges ahead:

“Developing new environmental-friendly technologies always has its regional specifics. We have already invested in several successful projects in the high-tech power industry in the Middle East, helping the pioneers of solar energetics to provide new solutions to people. But you cannot just take working strategies from one region and transfer them to another. While we are resting upon our experience, at the same time we are working from scratch, determining, what areas to focus on. To do so, we created a team of experts that represent our branches in several European countries. They all will bring their knowledge of local markets into the project, creating a strong base for it”.

The team for strategy and research will play an important role in the project. Its leader, Tobias Aberg, adds to the above statement:

“I work with Abu Dhabi Investment Fund for several years. As an expert and consultant, I have already taken part in two projects related to energy generation investment. So, I know from practice, what it means, to find profitable investment opportunities together with supporting research of long-term value. Now I will have even more opportunities to apply my knowledge here, in the new project, that ADIF puts into action in Europe. We are open to investment partnerships with companies developing different kinds of alternative energy sources, not limited by most popular and well-established solutions, like solar and wind energy”.

Building a long-term strategy is one of the core principles of the Abu Dhabi Investment Fund. As always, we invest in companies, that belong to actively growing areas and industries, and thus will become a sustainable source of profit in the future.