DIF invests in renewable energy sources admin 12.02.2022

DIF invests in renewable energy sources

Dubai Investment Fund is happy to announce a new project in the area of sustainable energy generation and storage. We are signing a partnership with “SolarCrate”, one of the most prominent Middle Eastern start-up companies operating in this sector. Despite being present on the market for about a year and a half, “SolarCrate” has already proved the viability of its approach: the company has a couple of fulfilled local projects under its belt, and we have agreed, that our investment will help it to move to a new level. 

Alexis Baril, CEO of “SolarCrate”, commented on the agreement: “For us, the partnership with DIF is a chance to bring our efforts to a new level. Our main goal is to develop sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions for energy generation and storage, that could be applied in different parts of the world, first and foremost in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Some of our products already proved the value in pilot projects conducted this year, and now we are ready to scale up. Along with bringing our production-ready solutions to the bigger scale, we are constantly working on new ones, because we believe, that the sector of energy generation and storage is one of the most important in the future, especially in our region”. 

Adeline Johnsen, one of our investment experts, who specializes in emerging technologies, elaborates on the last statement: “During the past two years, the issue of environmentally-friendly energy generation and storage was steadily gaining visibility. Those, who invest in this sector now, help to create a better future and, at the same time, secure the advantage before many other companies rush in this direction. Regarding “SolarCrate” research and projects, I am sincerely amazed by the work already done. One of the most important features of their work is the fact, that they do not concentrate solely on one method or technology. They combine already proven methods of energy generation, like using solar panels, with several developing alternatives, which is a necessary base for creating future-proof solutions”. 

“SolarCrate” is a small company, but it consults with scientists and researchers from all over the world to support its research. We at DIF will use our resources to enrich and broaden their contacts, giving them an opportunity to develop and thrive further.