Dubai Investment Fund Announces 2021 Financial Results admin 11.05.2022

Dubai Investment Fund Announces 2021 Financial Results

Dubai Investment Fund Announces 2021 Financial Results

31 May, 2022, Dubai, UAE – Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) announced today its consolidated financial results for the year ended 31 December 2021.

Operating Income increased by 26.83% to AED 14.3 billion in 2021 compared to the prior year period. Revenues were AED 180.7 billion, which is 4.25% more than in previous year period, with total assets of AED 1,184.6 billion and total equity of AED 878.1 billion.

These financial results were achieved due to the increase in energy prices, especially in the oil and gas markets, as well as company’s activity in other promising areas. The last includes profit from real estate and several projects in ESG and AI sectors. Company’s risk management, financial discipline control and reducing pandemic restrictions were an important factors to achieve these financials results.

Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer Amir Shams said: Profit growth over the past year was the strongest in the history of our Company. Such growth in 2021 became possible due to a combination of successful management decisions, such as expanding our geography and searching for new investment projects, as well as external factors, such as the recovery of economic activity due to the gradual removing of covid restrictions”.

Our gained profit of AED 14.3 billion is based on the positive results of our work in various sectors of the Fund’s investment strategy. The most successful of them were real estate, infrastructure, ESG and artificial intelligence projects. Careful planning across all segments has enabled us to reduce the risk of losses in pandemic-hit industries such as hospitality, and show a positive overall result».

«The most important thing in our business is reputation. That is why our team of talented professionals is working hard every day to meet the needs of our customers. Our investors and shareholders can be confident in saving and increasing of  their investments», summed up Amir Shams.

Dubai Investment Fund continues to follow its fundamental principles, which were the basis of the company when it was created. The main idea of the company is to provide sustainable returns in the long term. DIF never relies on working in only one sector, preferring to combine all available types of investments, ranging from traditional assets to new technologies. This approach to work has proved especially effective in the context of a pandemic and economic shocks.

Group Chief Financial Officer, Jason Williams, said: «Most of the profit for 2021 was received through successful investments in socially important projects in the field of ESG and artificial intelligence. In 2021, over AED 160 billion was invested in such projects. While 2021 could be described as a year of economic shocks, we manage to provide stability for our investors, shareholders and partners».

«As rising inflation and recession continue their pressure on the global economy and we do not know what the situation will be in the coming years, we will continue to follow the chosen strategy of diversification, searching for new promising investment projects and attracting more professionals, expanding the geography of our work.

The published financial results confirm the effectiveness of our work and provide a solid basis for expecting positive results in 2022 as well», added Jason Williams.

About Dubai Investment Fund (DIF)

Established in 2001, the Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) is one of the world’s largest global independent investment companies founded to effectively manage financial resources through diversification into new asset classes and growth oriented investments.

DIF engages in private equity and asset management for 7,300+ private and institutional investors in 61 countries with $320+ billion in assets under management.

The DIF’s structure is designed to operate at the highest levels of global investment. As a world-class investor and asset manager, DIF adheres to the strictest financial and commercial disciplines and has extensive experience investing in a range of economic sectors and various asset classes, including retail, manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology, media, real estate, listed securities, alternative assets and private equity in all major global markets. DIF seeks socially, economically and environmentally attractive investment opportunities and goes beyond short-term returns as DIF seeks balanced and sustainable growth to maximize long-term returns.

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