Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) Announces Its Global Expansion admin 08.08.2022

Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) Announces Its Global Expansion

Dubai, UAE, 8 August, 2022 – Dubai Investment Fund (DIF), one of world’s largest independent investment funds and asset manager, today announced its global expansion to three new countries – New Zealand, Czech Republic and Cyprus..

The new offices will unite more than 170 specialists in various areas. The first of these offices, in Prague (Czech Republic), will start operating this month, while offices in Wellington (New Zealand) and Nicosia (Cyprus) should start their work by mid-september. Employees will be offered the opportunity to choose one of the work options – from company space, remotely or in a combination. At the moment, the total number of employees of company is about 2600 people working in offices in 17 countries worldwide. The biggest of them are offices in Dubai, New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The number of employees in DIF will continue to grow, as the opening of new offices is also scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. The first of them should start working  next February in Brussels, Belgium.

“These offices are being opened to expand our investment activities. Offices in the Czech Republic and Cyprus will work on new projects in real estate, tourism, finance, artificial intelligence and new technologies. The New Zealand office will focus on new projects in the fields of ESG, healthcare, and green energy, as these are the fastest growing sectors in the region”, said Amir Shams, Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.

In New Zealand, DIF is planning to invest in the construction of new solar power plants, as well as innovative biomedical projects that are exploring various effective ways to implement artificial intelligence in modern healthcare developments.

“The newly hired employees have passed strict selection criteria, are true professionals in their field and must use their potential to the maximum to achieve our common goals”, Amir Shams added.

According to the calculations of the financial and analytical department of DIF, this expansion should lead to an increase in the company’s profit by approximately 7% in 2023.

About Dubai Investment Fund (DIF)

Established in 2001, the Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) is one of the world’s largest independent investment and asset management companies founded to effectively manage financial resources through diversification into new asset classes and growth oriented investments.

DIF engages in private equity, investment and asset management for 7,300+ private and institutional investors in 61 countries with $320+ billion in assets under management.

The DIF’s structure is designed to operate at the highest levels of global investment. As a world-class investor and asset manager, DIF adheres to the strictest financial and commercial disciplines and has extensive experience investing in a range of economic sectors and various asset classes, including retail, manufacturing, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology, media, real estate, listed securities, alternative assets and private equity in all major global markets. DIF seeks socially, economically and environmentally attractive investment opportunities and goes beyond short-term returns as company seeks balanced and sustainable growth to maximize long-term returns.

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