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Emerging Markets
DIF strongly believes in the potential in emerging markets as the long-term direction of travel becomes clearer after the pandemic landscape. The economic downturn in leading economies has led to expansive investment opportunities for our clients in emerging markets. From passive equity investing to local currency debt, our investment strategies are centered around the expertise of our global teams. 

Our emerging market strategy is centered around exploring optimal returns for our clients above established benchmarks. We go beyond the extend of conventional investment instruments and offer clients access to a wide range of investable opportunities. 

Here’s what makes us the optimal partners for Emerging Market opportunities.
Global Insights
As one of the leading local investment firms, we have advanced insights into over 100 developing countries and local economies to offer unparalleled outreach for our investing partners.
Active Management
Our investment managers venture beyond the conventional benchmark indexes to explore higher risk-adjusted returns beyond conventional indexes with a broader investment outreach.
Time-tested Strategy
DIF investment strategies have a proven history of weathering through different global conditions. Our success has been consistent due to our expansive investment infrastructure and operational experience.
A Diverse Perspective
Emerging market investment options allow our clients to explore investment instruments beyond conventional options. The diverse perspective in developing countries lets our partners have access to aggressive growth opportunities with wider depth. 

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