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ESG integration

DIF seeks to deliver investment solutions that mitigate risk and deliver sustainable returns for our clients. We strongly believe in the integration of ESG factors in our investment framework to explore optimal returns for our clients. The incorporation of these factors allows us to make better investments. The majority of DIF-managed assets are directed in investment strategies that factor in ESG integration. 

We integrate sustainability consideration into our client investment strategies by exploring ESG as a central theme across our institutional investments. Our talent is responsible for implementing ESG approaches as an integral element of our investment directives along with a shared external perspective. Our managers use key ESG information throughout our investment procedures along with other financial metrics. 

ESG research provides DIF talent with the required information to analyze acting risks and opportunities in portfolios. The integration also enhances the investment process with a comprehensive approach accounting for material ESG information. 

Here’s how we lead the charge in ESG considerations. 

Proprietary Research
Our insights are primarily formulated by advanced research based on data aggregation from a range of different sources. Our assessment of acting ESG risks is formulated after an in-depth evaluation of strategic factors in accordance with our investment framework.
Governance Perspective

DIF maintains a strong focus on shareholder treatment, board composition, corporate culture as well as broader environmental factors, including natural resources management, climate change, pollution, and waste management, to formulate ESG strategies on a governance level. These factors are at the center of our investment decisions for clients.

3rd Party Research Integration
Aside from our internal proprietary research, we also incorporate third-party ESG ratings into our reports to provide an expansive context of ESG landscapes across global investment opportunities. These ratings are at the center of investment directives and material perspectives based on client objectives. We continuously seek expansive perspectives from our research providers to deliver an objective insight.

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