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Fixed Income Investment Management

With a comprehensive range of fixed income strategies, DIF is the optimal partner to help you achieve your investment goals. Our fixed income strategies are designed based on a conservative investment strategy that shifts away from derivates, currency trading, and leverage to help our clients achieve returns. 

Our fixed-income investment management strategies are centered around a conservative investment approach to navigate the dynamic nature of the market. We create highly diverse portfolios by bringing together decades of trading experience with advanced risk management strategies and unique portfolio designs. 

We rely on a research-oriented strategy to minimize our investment risk and identity the most viable strategies across the globe. Our global presence allows us to offer a wider range of fixed income investment options, including: 

Cash Management
Our cash management approach helps you optimize cash management, liquidity, and return criteria based on your personalized strategies.
High Yield
Optimal for aggressive investors, high yield helps our partners explore aggressive returns through corporate bonds.
Index Management
Our index management solutions are risk-efficient and optimal for investors looking for low-cost market exposure options across key global locations. Our experts help you explore the optimal investment strategies based on a wide range of benchmarks.
Ultra Short
Ultra short investments help our partners explore maximum income with reasonable liquidity. Our ultra-short investments are focused on high liquidity investments ranging from overnight to three years.
Exploring a Collaborative Direction
Our dedicated portfolio managers work with you to create flexible programs that meet your tax, liquidity, and investment objectives. We develop an in-depth understanding of your organizational goals and help you explore the right structure from a wider range of funds and managed accounts across different investment vehicles.

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