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Your Opportunity to Be a Part of Something Big

Our programs allow you to explore paths that help you learn and develop so you can build towards your dream career.

Internships are the perfect way to explore if DIF is the right place to start your career. Our internship programs allow you to maximize your productivity and have practical experience before applying to our full-time positions.
Whether you’re looking to get some practical learning experience after High school or simply looking for additional experience besides your academics, we have a wide range of opportunities to help you grow. By being part of the DIF ecosystem, you’ll be able to learn from dedicated managers that are committed to helping you grow.

Why Work at DIF?

Diverse Experiences 

Our learning experiences are curated to help you explore the complete range of skills you need to succeed as a future professional. We offer experiences centered around innovative development and exploration to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. 
Hands-On Learning

DIF experienced are enriched with practical learning opportunities that allow you to work with professional teams and experience a hands-on learning environment. You have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals that walk you through challenging areas to provide you with a practical context. 
Professional Preparedness 

DIF experiences are recognized by leading employers across the MENA region. We’re proud to be amongst the leading financial institutions in the globe with a proven history of cultivating a qualified, inclusive workforce. 

Explore More About Your Company Values

Our team is our most valuable asset. At DIF, you will be a part of an organization that values diversity, talent, and collaboration.

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