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Paving the Path to Clean Energy

We’re creating a better world by tapping into the power of Renewable Energy to address existing energy needs and provide sustainable solutions to industrial segments. Our energy investments are focused on value generation and achieving net-zero emissions.

Our Journey to a Healthier Planet

At DIF, we’re deeply committed to our climate ambitions by providing comprehensive support in early-scale startups. Our investment focus is on delivering innovative solutions across the renewable energy sector to meet the needs of the MENA region. We’re focusing on pushing forward the infrastructure requirements to meet the global UN climate targets. 

Our Sustainable Investments

We’re proud to support innovative companies that are working on technologies with transformative potential. Our partners include some of the fastest-growing energy startups.

Climate Positioning – DIF's Focus
We’ve been global leaders in embracing sustainable energy generation since our inception in 2001. Our journey as an investment fund began with a focus on shifting away from conventional hydrocarbon-based energy sources. We’ve been at the center of commercial investments in sustainable projects to explore viable alternatives for global energy needs. 

Green energy investments make up a significant percentage of our broader energy portfolio, with a focus on connected power generation in
  • Hydropower
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power 
We understand the importance of shifting to sustainable power grids in developing countries with cost-effective models to support new opportunities and mitigate the climate risk posed by fossil fuel usage. 
Supporting Developing Economies with A Global Focus

We understand that the impact of climate change is detrimental for economies around the world. As part of that understanding, we’re active stakeholders in green energy projects in over 100 developing economies around the world. DIF is driving the green energy revolution worldwide with an expansive focus on empowering rural communities and regions

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