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Helping Industries Address Modern Challenges

Industries around the world are facing unprecedented challenges across manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics as a result of the pandemic. The existing landscape requires qualified insights for industries to deliver the required responses. DIF is the optimal partner to help industries cater to current and future challenges. With a proven history of working with leading industries, we extend our investment expertise to help you cater to acting challenges.

What Makes DIF Unique?

As a global leader in investment management for our stakeholders, we’re experts across the industries segment by managing active programs with over 2000 industries across the world. Our global infrastructure network allows us to tap into human resources to meet complex regulatory challenges and offer international coverage to businesses in over 200 countries and regions.

Our flexible management approach is centered around offering personalized solutions to our industrial partners based on their unique set of challenges and conditions. Our dedicated teams review the landscape for your industry based on proprietary research and available insight to help you explore the optimal outcome.  

How DIF Helps Industries

DIF provides a comprehensive range of services to address the biggest challenges faced by industries.

Financial Solutions 

DIF financial services are designed to simplify industrial management across all elements of the industry segment. From construction to power, we’re helping industries streamline their finances with wholesale financing, vendor financing, and capital leasing solutions.

Wealth Management 

Our wealth management team works with you to devise investment plans to generate sustainable returns on your investment. DIF supplements you with the complete range of tools to maintain employee policies, including 401(k) and Retirement Plans in your industry.

Risk Management 

Our hedging experts help your industrial firm with the required assessments to devise a comprehensive risk management strategy. Our risk management solutions are designed to mitigate risks across letters of credit and foreign exchange transactions for our clients.

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