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Explore DIF to Enhance Sustainable Growth Through Infrastructure
We’re industry leaders in working on some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the MENA region. Our approach is centered around connecting our partners with across-the-board insights, proprietary research, and expansive financing options. We’re the optimal partners to help you explore origination strategies, industrial insights, and fiduciary models.
Managing Risk-Factored Return at DIF

At DIF, we strongly believe in structuring our real-estate investments with a clear risk profile based on investment goals and preferences. Following the landscape after the global financial crisis, we’ve helped infrastructure transition from a generic approach to defined risk management practices to assist our partners. We offer comprehensive risk-factors strategies to help our partners maximize value in the real-estate sector.

Unlocking Infrastructure Growth to Enable Stable Cash Flows
Our investment strategy is rooted in exploring infrastructure opportunities that generate stable returns. We focus on non-cyclic investments and infrastructure assets that enhance access to businesses, people, and key markets. Our investment strategy is centered around economic development as a holistic concept to achieve optimal value.
Sustainable Investments 

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our infrastructure projects and portfolio selection. As a future-focused company, we put the highest level of effort into exploring investments into sustainable infrastructure projects. Our investment strategy considers environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) factors and helps promote sustainability while driving investment capital gains and returns. 
Mitigating Risk 

As part of our broader risk management efforts, we invest in a diverse range of infrastructure asset classes in the private and public domains. Our core investment criteria are based on quality, sustainability, and decreased volatility even during economic downturns.

Expansive Global Approach 

Our long-term infrastructure investments across global borders enhance the balanced approach at DIF. Our high-yielding strategies are centered around core sections

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