Investing into future of health admin 01.03.2022

Investing into future of health

DIF is an investment fund, that invests in a wide range of economic areas. But all our investment fields are united by the common principle: we are choosing companies, industries, and branches, that will sustain in the future and improve the lives of future generations. The perspectives of each investments proposition are evaluated by our team of experts. And now we are happy to present our new investment line: a young but ambitious “Bionomic Medicine” start-up, exploring the area of enhancing human immunity. 

One of our experts, Doris Benson, who specializes in potential healthcare technologies, explains the importance and value of “Bionomic Medicine” research: 

It is already scientifically known that there are two main types of immunity: humoral and cell-mediated. They complement each other, as they serve various purposes in the human body. The main task of humoral immunity, also called antibodies-mediated, is to protect us from bacteria. This makes vaccination effective protection from bacterial diseases. But to get long-term protection from viruses, cell-mediated immunity is necessary. For some diseases, one contact with a virus is enough, to get immunity for the whole life. This is the reason, why the large majority of people catch chickenpox only once.

But for many virus diseases, including dangerous ones, developing effective preventive treatment, that will give a person immunity for the whole life, is a task yet to be solved. We find this area of research immensely important for increasing quality of life in the future, and we hope that our investments in “Bionomic Medicine” will bring forward these efforts.

Head of an innovative investments department Ryan Smith explains, what this decision means for DIF investors: 

This investment is part of our wider program, aimed to support valuable research in different areas. Without a doubt, we can say, that the importance of developing new ways to enhance human immunity will only grow, and the past two years proved this most certainly. By investing in “Bionomic Medicine”, we help to develop the technology that will bring value for public health and at the same time has a good chance to become a sustainable source of income in the future.

Our experts are constantly monitoring markets in different countries to find new and emerging innovative companies that become our long-term partners.  

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