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Supporting Our Global Partners with Expansive Investment Strategies and Insight

Across all asset allocations, DIF places the highest standards of strategic importance in achieving sustainable financial risks while mitigating risk. We implement a comprehensive risk management framework to avoid unnecessary risks and generate high risk-adjusted returns.

Our Investment Principles

As a global leader, we implement strategic investment solutions to help our partners achieve their strategic objectives. We’re experts in the regional and global economy with an active presence in key global locations. Our client-first approach forms the basis of our investment direction with a strong focus on diversification.

Global Talent
At DIF, we’re always on the lookout for the most skilled individuals around the world. We strongly believe in the value of bringing diverse talent in a collaborative environment to mutually explore impactful solutions.
Robust Decision Making
Our decision-making framework is centered around robust allocations to cater to incoming challenges. DIF’s internal decision-making framework serves as the guiding basis to our investment direction and helps us take prompt action across all levels of our organizational workflow.
Goal-Driven Investing
Our investment framework is centered around comprehension goal definition based on established financial goals and priorities. We regularly evaluate investment strategies to cater to global challenges and deliver the required responses across our management structure.
Promoting Diversity Through Our Investment Practices

We determine our organizational priorities based on market evaluation and governance themes. Our expectations are centered around exploring board performance, diversity, and other sustainable themes determined by our stakeholders. Our investment process is focused on the following elements.

  • Diversity Across Boards
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Value-Driven Incentives
  • Impact on Local Communities
Capitalizing on Global Opportunities

Our global investment strategies are based on existing opportunities around the MENA region and beyond. We’re constantly on the lookout for investment potential across equity, debt, currency, and commodity markets to explore viable allocations for our stakeholders. We strongly believe in the importance of a global investment approach to generate optimal risk-adjusted returns.

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