“Investments of the Future” conference was held this month admin 14.05.2022

“Investments of the Future” conference was held this month

This month, DIF hosted one of its most important events of the year –  “Investments for the Future”. This three-day conference held in Dubai, gathered about a hundred active participants from all over the world, taking part in various events both online and in-person. The speakers discussed the key events of 2021 – the year, that brought major changes for the world economy, and outlined the prospects for the year to come. 

During the three days of the conference, participants could enjoy a rich and eventful program, including panel discussions, topical sections, and presentations. Modern technology allowed us, the organizers, to create an equally valuable experience for online and in-person participants. 

One of the key events of the conference was the presentation of Albert Martinson, a renowned specialist in the area of high-tech investment. In his speech, he offered the audience a deep insight into the perspectives of the future of the economy and pointed the most important strategies, that will allow an investment fund to remain effective in the long run. 

The main feature of the conference was the diversity of the speakers. While preparing the event, we followed the same principle, as with building our company itself: we unite people of different cultural and professional backgrounds and bring them to work together for the common goal. Thus, the “Investments for the Future” conference is always remarkable because of the variety of different viewpoints represented. 

The conference is part of our work on supporting connections between investors and other professionals from all over the world, which is, as we believe, is an essential part of ensuring the long-term value of our efforts.