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We’re Invested Across Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Other Innovative Areas
With a global focus, we’re active investors in public and private sectors, real estate, infrastructure, and other areas to explore sustainable returns for our partners.
Strategic Advance with Over 2 Decade of Investment Experience
DIF has been amongst the pioneer sustainable investment initiatives in the MENA region with over two decades of investment experience. Our strategic insight is shaped by global data points, technical superiority, and industry-leading talent.
Diversifying to Generate Optimal Risk-Factored Returns

Our investment allocations are based on our internal sustainable investment framework and client collaboration to explore optimal returns for our partners. We diversify our investments across private and public equity markets, currencies, commodities, and other asset classes to mitigate risk and explore optimal returns.

Fostering the Local Economy – A Cornerstone UAE Focus

Featuring leading business and thought leaders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), DIF is deeply committed to the development of a sustainable future for the UAE. We’re active investors in local infrastructure, startup economy, and rapidly-growing SMEs to facilitate a positive future for the next generation.

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