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Liability-Driven Investing

DIF s a global leader in designing personalized liability-driven Investing solutions for your partners. Our company is the most experienced solution provider in the MENA region with an extensive support system backed by an expansive investment framework. We incorporate sophisticated risk management tools such as smart beta and global credit sourcing to mitigate the impacts of interest rate risk, transfer risk, and other acting threats to returns. 

Our talented investment managers specialize in enhancing portfolio yields and amplifying returns for our clients and global partners. We dynamically manage asset allocation and diversification to achieve investment objectives and cater to client requirements.

With over 20 years of experience, we’re a global leader in devising effective liability-driven solutions. Our team includes leading investment professionals and talent from around the world. DIF also has access to global investment instruments, including specialized credit and equity allocations, thanks to our expansive global presence. 

The DIF Approach
We pinpoint optimal Liability-Driven Investing solutions through a collaborative process that is centered around client objectives. Our interdependent strategy creation process leverages our global network and vast knowledge to help our clients stay up-to-date with acting challenges and risks. Our pooled solutions deliver the transparency and efficiency required to manage complex investment strategies at a global scale. 
Creating Flexible Solutions
Aside from our institutional input and expertise, we initiative advanced client cooperation with personalized investment managers that work with you to implement your chosen strategies. Our implementation approach is centered around providing you with the highest level of flexibility and decision-making to achieve desired investment outcomes for our clients.

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