Meet our new Head of Infrastructure Investment Department admin 20.02.2022

Meet our new Head of Infrastructure Investment Department

We are happy to announce Christopher Woods as our new Head of the Infrastructure Investment Department. He will take up this position next month and will work together with our team of experts on creating new partnerships and finding high-yielding and sustainable investments in this field. 

Developing and enhancing infrastructure is of immense importance for modern society because it connects people, allows them to communicate, fulfill daily tasks and live safely, relying on the infrastructure that provides them with necessary resources. Thus, since the first days of DIF, we considered various infrastructure projects an important area of investment. Since then, the Infrastructure Investment Department has significantly grown, and now includes several subdivisions and expert groups, that work on creating elaborate investment strategies. 

Christopher Woods has worked with several investment funds in different parts of the world, including US and Canada, but recently moved to UAE to participate in our projects. For some time we have worked with him as an independent consultant, and multiple times he had provided us valuable insights regarding investment strategy. Now we are glad to bring our partnership to a new level. Here is what Christopher himself says about his assignment: 

I have already been working with Dubai Investment Fund for some time, and I have seen, how it puts its values into practice. Their approach is very close to the principles I formulated for myself through my experience, and this creates a base for a productive partnership. Concentrating on long-term goals and caring about people’s future is an important part of successful investment, that is often overlooked by other companies, and I’m glad to find a company, that truly pays attention to it. 

Regarding my duties as a Head of the Infrastructure Investment Department, I will concentrate on managing and organizing our expert groups, so we can focus our efforts on the most promising fields in this sector. My experience as an investment consultant allows me to detect prospective trends and use them to yield high results. 

DIF builds its team of people with various backgrounds and expertise, to ensure diversity and bring multiple opinions for productive strategy discussions. By engaging such professionals as Christopher Woods, we ensure that high-yielding investment opportunities will not be overlooked, and we will provide a stable income for our investors.