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As one of the world’s biggest asset management firms, we have over two decades of experience across multi-asset investment strategies. Our qualified teams tap into a network of over 500 analysts, investment professionals, and economists to explore the optimal opportunities for our partners. 

Our multi-asset investment strategies are centered around generating investment returns through asset allocation and personalized strategies across currency, commodities, fixed income, and global equity allocations. Diversification is at the center of our multi-asset approach to ensure that our partners are able to enhance their long-term risk-factored returns. 

DIF multi-asset solutions are designed based on client objectives, liabilities, and directives in a collaborative approach by our team of personal portfolio managers. Our primary solutions are aligned on the following principles.

Risk Mitigation Modelling
Our clients can access our advanced risk modeling analytics to develop a collaborative risk management approach as an augmentation to their investment strategies. We help our partners devise dynamic asset allocation solutions based on our statistical and analytical insights.
Synthesized Investment Process
We rely on a mosaic investment process by bringing together fundamental, macro, asset class, and specialized research to supplement our investments. Our investment views are shaped by investment insights from our expansive team of global experts.
Low Volatility Investments
Our multi-asset investments are focused on intelligent allocations across multiple asset options to ensure high returns with low volatility. We step beyond the conventional asset class constraints to target cumulative returns.
Exploit Our Organizational Experience

With the bread of our organizational position in the MENA region, DIF experts implement a multi-strategy approach to manage risk and deliver exceptional returns. Our team of global macro experts supplements our approach by optimizing portfolio placement to capitalize on mispricing across currency markets, fixed income markets, and commodity markets.

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