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Multi-manager solutions

DIF offers a complete range of multi-manager programs to our partners and institutional clientele. We curate personalized investment programs ranging from niche solutions to comprehensive investment plans for your fund. Our range of solutions is designed to get top-tier results based on your priorities.

Our customized management solutions offer exposure to alternative investment options based on client requirements. We explore personalized solution implementation based on investor specifications and constraints. Our thematic focus allows our partners to define their liquidity and risk priorities with directional and conservative options. Customization allows our clients to implement our industry-leading insight in their preferred delivery options. Our multi-manager solutions are available for delivery in advisory and discretionary mandates.

DIF also offers thematic solutions based on arising opportunities in the occurrence of major events. Thematic solutions offer compelling diversification options in the landscape of major events, such as strategies to make investments during pandemics and unprecedented situations. 

Here are the key benefits of our Multi-manager solutions

Capital Preservation
Our investment approach includes diversification and trading-based solutions to ensure high capital preservation and compounding returns.
Thematic Solutions
Our specialized managers allow you to invest across a wide range of themes to enhance revenue streams and mitigate portfolio risks.
Alpha Capture

DIF provides you with access to proven arbitrage strategies across different global markets to deliver alpha with low volatility. These strategies deliver exceptional results with specialized managers.

Backed by Exceptional Talent

To get industry-leading results, DIF prides itself on leading global investment talent. Our management selection process includes leading portfolio managers from global locations with comprehensive qualitative review procures in place to review exceptional talent. Our evaluation process inputs client priorities to deliver tailored solutions. 

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