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We decided long ago that an open, collaborative culture was the right choice for our firm and our clients. By actively sharing research and challenging one another’s views and potential blind spots, our investors create a diverse marketplace of ideas. They decide independently how to draw on it to help sharpen their own portfolio decisions and manage risk.


Every morning, hundreds of portfolio managers, research analysts, and other investment professionals — connecting remotely from our offices around the world — gather together to discuss timely investment ideas. DIF  Management’s Morning Meeting is an enduring example of our collegial culture in action. For more than 20 years, we’ve begun every business day with this dynamic exchange, sharing and debating the insights of our global, multidisciplinary investment teams.

We value integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Trust is at the core of our relationships with clients and with each other. We work hard to earn and sustain that trust.

We are a meritocracy

We value excellence and set the bar high in all facets of our business. We seek to attract, retain and inspire the best and most dedicated individuals.

We are innovative

We believe that continual improvement is critical amid constant change. Our emphasis on learning and our entrepreneurial spirit enable us to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We are collaborative

We expect and value collaboration — it is a hallmark of our culture. A sense of community exists at our firm. Teamwork predominates.

We are inclusive

Ideas have no hierarchy. Our transparency and open architecture facilitate the exchange of ideas, giving each of us a voice and a responsibility. We value feedback for our own development and are willing to offer it to others.

We are humble

We are focused on achievement, but are humble about our accomplishments and try to learn from our mistakes. We take what we do seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously.

We are humanistic

We recognize that careers and lives are not linear. Acceptance of this ebb and flow of life is an important part of who we are.

DIF Values

Across everything we do, our guiding values serve as foundational principles to inspire our growth and show us the way forward. We rely on our values to guide how we interact with our stakeholders, clients, and each other. These principles are representative of our aspirations and core organizational values and are embodied by every member of the DIF organization.


Every member of the DIF fraternity, from top executives to entry-level employees, is deeply committed to following the highest level of ethical, moral, and professional standards across our conduct. This integrity is the formulating bedrock of the DIF philosophy and shapes our direction across our organization.


At DIF, we maintain respect throughout the organization at every level of our hierarchy. As partners, we collaboratively explore positive outcomes and embrace a diverse workforce to mutually work towards innovative outcomes.


Our organizational input is centered around generating long-term value. We’re deeply committed to being responsible for national and global interests regardless of the global challenges emerging through time. We remain committed to an inclusive, equitable future to enable positive growth for every member of our community.

Committed to a Brighter Future – The DIF Initiative
As long-term thinkers, we’re focused on solving future challenges by investing in solutions and dynamic ideas. We strongly believe in sustainable business management and generating long-term value for all your stakeholders. We’re continuously working on expanding our organizational impact by exploring innovative ways to improve local development and achieve positive financial impact. 

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