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Tapping Into Growing Ecommerce Opportunities

DIF eCommerce-focused investment initiatives maximize your investment returns through a capital increase and income on the fund’s assets. We actively invest your contributions in growth potential companies that are primarily focused on the retail and eCommerce segments. The fund focuses on startups with next-generation technological advances and emerging technology applications across automation, artificial investment, supply chain innovation, and design in the retail segment.

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Investment Directives

In standard market conditions, DIF investments in leading stakeholders in the retail sector allocations across private and public equity to generate maximum value for shareholders. Our investment directives are centered around generating a sustainable return for investors while focusing on companies that are making a broader positive impact on the globe. We’re powering innovative developments in the retail and consumer segments to promote sustainable developments while generating positive returns.

Helping Industry Leaders Plan for the Unexpected

The retail industry experienced the most turbulent periods in recent history during the Covid 19 pandemic. These unexpected conditions have created new challenges throughout the consumer sector. DIF is helping leaders devise effective policies and risk mitigation plans with across-the-board consultancy. We provide the complete range of financing and support to help retail businesses navigate their way through turbulent periods.

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