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Sustainable Investing

At DIF, we strongly believe in the importance of sustainable investment practices. In today’s fast-changing world, sustainability is an integral priority for our clients. Many investors are looking to generate returns in ways that align with their values. We’re deeply committed to sustainable investment practices while considering the socio-environmental impact of our investment platform. 

For investors that want to center their investment approach around sustainability, we offer a wider range of investment capabilities. Our sustainable investment approach is personalized based on your investing and social goals with expansive screening procedures to screen companies. We connect you with optimal opportunities in companies that company with your personal criteria. 

Here’s how DIF assists with your sustainable investment goals.

Investment Exclusions
We exclude several industrial segments based on your personal criteria. These industries are comprehensively vetted out to ensure that your investment directive aligns with your sustainable priorities.
Maximum Impact
We curate maximum impact solutions for investors that are looking to generate an optimal financial return while investing in specific positive goals. The investment process includes peer-leading performers and other companies based on the defined criteria.
Thematic Investment
We explore investment options for clients that are looking to invest in themes related to sustainability with expansive research based on our sustainability framework.
Investing With a Cause

We strongly believe in the integration of ESG consideration throughout the investment process to deliver positive investment performance and align with client objectives. DIF has a deep commitment to be responsible managers of client assets and explore sustainability as a central factor in portfolio allocation. We prioritize investments in sustainable social directives to enable sustainable companies to succeed.

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